Hello Chin Dribblers!

I'm Ali and I am a chef out of Denver, Colorado. I have been in the restaurant industry for 16 years, and decided to take my skills and start my own specialty sauce company! I've always known I wanted to be a chef. When I told my parents I wanted to go to culinary school, they told me I had to get a four year degree and then we could talk about it. Well I listened, I worked my way through school at CU Boulder, and cheffed my way through kitchens to make money.

I graduated and went straight back into kitchens. I worked my way up to run multiple restaurants in my 20's where I learned and grew. With a few college loans and some knife skills under my belt, I knew I wanted to do something bigger. So I decided to jump head first into this company and I couldn't be more excited. My love language is cooking for the ones I love and it warms my heart that all of you are now a part of it! Cheers Chin Dribblers! I'd be nothing without all of you!!!